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December 13, 1997


As the All-Nepal Challenge was in full swing, with Tiger Tops giving National Parks a biggest run for its money in recent WEPA history, the scores of onlookers were distracted for several moments by the arrival by helicopter of none other than Steven Seagal, martial arts Movie Star from America. Seagal had been in Kathmandu pursuing his Buddhist mission.

Seagal arrived just in time to watch the last chukka of the All Nepal Challenge, to present awards and to try his own hand at elephant polo. Wall Street Journal correspondent Jonathan Karp captured the essence of Mr. Seagal as no one else could. In the January 16, 1997 front page Wall Street Journal article, Mr. Karp described Seagal’s visit to Meghauly:

"Out steps Mr. Seagal, the brawny film star. Resplendent in a collarless red-silk tunic, he is shadowed by his nutritionist, who frequently squeezes a mystery fluid from a dropper into his glass. Mr. Seagal swigs, then spits.

The tournament is over, but he wants to play. Mr. Seagal daintily removes his tunic, bead necklaces and rings, hands them to an aide and mounts. Fawning bystanders offer him polo tips, but the martial-arts hero silences them, saying: 'I only did one thing in my life, and that was fight. I never did sports.'"

Seagal, recently declared a reincarnated lama by a Buddhist monk, appeared to enjoy himself on the pitch. Maybe he and Jackie Chan will join forces and come back with a team one of these years.


The WEPA ladies took to the pitch this morning in an exciting and competitive match. The teams were captained by Margie McDougall and Celia Temple, and consisted of representatives of all teams fortunate enough to contain members of the fairer gender.

The Screwy Tuskers were represented on both Ladies’ teams by Christy Erickson and Laurie Jones. After playing together all week, tactics got a bit tricky for Christy and Laurie who, at one point in the game, found themselves somewhat confused about whether they should be passing to or stealing the ball from one another.

The ladies ended the game in a draw and promptly mystified the gentlemen of WEPA by announcing their non-testosterone-induced decision to be contented with an even score and not go into sudden death overtime. The game was fun and challenging and the result was one that pleased everyone.

December 12th

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