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December 11, 1997


The WEPA tournament was graced by the appearance today of Jharana Bajracharya, Miss Nepal. Jharana managed to take a few days out of her busy public schedule to enjoy some rest and entertainment in the jungle. Jharana and her two companions arrived at Tiger Tops in the early evening and literally brightened the entire dining hall.

Jharana is 17 years old and is even more charismatic and beautiful in person than her photos indicate. Everyone who met and had an opportunity to get a flavor for Jharana's genuine nature was enriched by the experience.

Most entertaining of all was watching the activities surrounding the Miss Nepal delegation in the dining hall. As the young women sat warm and cozy in front of the fireplace, those young men fortunate to be sitting and chatting with them were forced to tear of layer after layer of clothing in order to keep their coveted places but avoid dripping with sweat. A herd of happy rhinos is a fine thing, but a herd of sweaty rhinos is simply unacceptable in such company.

Tiger Tops was full of its customary cadre of distinguished guests, from Argentine barons to South African and Indian moguls to French models to world-renowned journalists to reincarnated lamas. The guests provided a great deal of color and depth to the gathering. And of all these most interesting and celebrated individuals, Miss Nepal shines brightest in this writer’s memory.


While returning from a long morning of polo, some of the Screwy Tuskers, along with Chuck McDougal and photographer Sanu Vajracharya, the sharp eyes of Christy Erickson spotted something up in tree. The group was riding in a jeep through the woods between the Reu River and the lodge. She thought it looked like a leopard, but because leopard sightings are extremely rare, the rest of the group was skeptical. Upon closer examination they saw that there was indeed a leopard sleeping on one of the high branches of a tree in the woods. Sanu tried to get a picture, but the elusive cat made an escape before he was able to get close enough.


The competitive spirit was still running high at Tiger Tops after the polo matches had ended for the day. Kristjan Edwards, worldly lad that he is, introduced a few of the players to a Chilean dice game called “Perudo.”

The rules are fairly simple but the strategy is quite complex. With varying amounts of caffeine, beer and rum running through the veins of the players, Kristjan, William, Gurpal, Nikil, Sean and Laurie, the game began.

Nikil, an all-or-nothing kind of guy, took risk after risk and was the first to be eliminated. Gurpal, Kristjan and Sean hung in the game for quite some time but eventually were outmanueverd by Willliam and Laurie.

In the final intense showdown, William displayed his remarkable strategic abilities and emerged victorious over Laurie, who realized that she should have remembered Raj Kalaan’s mantra: “tactics.”

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