About the Author

The author of all this stuff is me, Laurie. This elephant polo experience is truly a remarkable one. I've been friends with Alf Erickson for several years and he has magnanimously included me on his Screwy Tuskers team for the past two years. It was a once in a lifetime experience and I feel very fortunate to have had it twice.

When I'm not off in the jungle I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, which has no tigers but has white mountains, blue water and greenery everywhere. I'm a mom and lawyer and I like being a mom better than I like being a lawyer, that's for sure.

In my leisure hours I vascillate between pulling weeds, playing the piano and designing a couple of other websites. I've been working with Tiger Mountain for over a year and have designed their website. In the coming months several interesting new features will be added. I also do some consulting and web designing for a fledgling company with an ongoing identity crisis, Marbledog Enterprises. They let me write about some of my escapades over there, but I take no responsibility for some of their other guest authors.

You can e-mail me if you want to at laurie@marbledog.com. You can e-mail Alf at alf@corkscrew-balloon.com.

All written materials and web design in this report are copyrighted by Laurie F. Jones 1998. Photos are copyrighted by Tiger Mountain, Anne Erickson, Alf Erickson and Tilman Smith. All rights reserved.

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