Notice of Special Emergency Meeting

February 2, 2002

Dear PCC Member:

Just hours ago the Executive Committee1 of the PCC met on the hotel dock to schedule a special emergency meeting of the Patpong Corkscrew Club (Thailand).

We decided to postpone any discussion of recent developments in Swiss corkscrew design. Also deferred to a later meeting will be a development report on the state of construction of the Club's new hot air balloon.2 You see, it has become imperative that we immediately meet to discuss our 'ladyboy' members' participation3 in the upcoming Elephant Polo Championships at Hua Hin.4

As this emergency meeting will be held tomorrow night (February 3rd) I don't expect any of our non-Thai based members to show up for it. However our European members could catch any of this evening's non-or-one-stop flights to BKK from ... say London, Frankfurt, Oslo, Amsterdam or Paris. For the Americans it would be a stretch: east coasters could make tonight's evening Concorde out of JFK and connect with the BA non-stop to Bangkok; west coasters might get something out of LA with a stop at Narita or Hong Kong. I know that Member Bull will arrange for a charter for himself. Member Hunt, coming up from Australia should have no trouble getting here.

Of course, members Ohmy, Gift and Ammy must attend as we need some promises-in-cement from all three of them about this September elephant thing. That's important! Thanks be to God that I was able to speak with them in person less than an hour ago; fortunately, for all of us it was a work-night for all three 'ladies' and I was able to pull them off stage for a pre-meeting.

Tomorrow's emergency special meeting will be held at 8 PM at a private corner table at the King's on Patpong #1. If you are coming down Silom Road, away from the river, make a left under the green Patpong arch. Walking on the far left side of the street, our King's is about 100 meters from your last turn; it's just past Super Pussy and Lipstick. If you reach the stairs to the Kangaroo Club you have gone too far and you'll have to retrace your steps a bit.

In the future I'll try to give everyone5 at least a week's notice. I am sorry that fast breaking developments forced me to call this emergency meeting.


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