Caught on Camera?

Possible Break in the Skytrain Organ Case

The Nation, August 6, 2001

Police get lead in penis case

A closed-circuit camera at the Bangkok Transit System (BTS)'s Siam Square station may have recorded the person who dumped a set of amputated male sexual organs in a garbage can on the station on Saturday.

Tape from the camera shows a tall man of about 40, wearing a hat, white trousers and a white T-shirt with red stripes, removing a blue garbage bag from a black bag as he went up an escalator from the second to the third level in the station.

At the third level, the man headed straight for a garbage can, as if he was very familiar with the area, and placed the blue bag in the can. The camera did not record whether the man left the station on a train or by foot.

Doctors at the police department's Institute of Forensic Medicine have inspected the organs which were found in the bag. Initial findings were that they had been soaked in formaldehyde, indicating that they may have been taken from the body of a dead man. The incisions were neat, suggesting an expert in surgery may have done the procedure.

Police speculate that the organs may have belonged to a person who had a sex-change operation and wanted to keep the penis and testicles, but ran into problems and had to throw them away. Another guess is that a sociopath might have wanted to stir up problems.

But no evidence of foul play has yet been suggested.

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