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Cold and hot inputs

Lobe of foie gras of duck to the dry grapes cooks with the cloth,
Sparkling wine with the hot wine

Fricassee minute of mushrooms of wood,
Salad of mesclun country to nuts and plugs of foie gras

Sauté of snails with salsifies and flat parsley, melted of tomatos to the cream of garlic

Trout Piccatas of Neirivue into marine of vegetables

Brandade of fresh anchovy and shells with emulsion of pistou

Young partridge soup with crystallized shallot and its thigh in bacon cristaline

Sheets of mesclun country


Chartreuse of burbot to the grapes, sauce garbure with the light perfume of curry

Meats - Poultries - Game

Crusty of roe-deer to fig and chanterelles

Pink garlic of crystallized Lautrec to the champagne vinegar

Roast wing of young partridge to the savory and its poêlée of trévisse with broad beans, lenses and dice of
Jumped cucumbers scented with mint

Saddle of hare in medallions way "Chabrot" with beer and the plums Queen-Claude,
Pancake with sweet chestnut in quince marmelade

Net of ox of Charolais to the pepper of If-Chuan in blackberry ratafia, flanked
Country fried apples cooked with grease of goose and the salt of Guérande

Calf filet mignon to molten the of sorrel and parsnip rissole
With the infusion of rosemary, gratin of pastes

Refined cheeses


Rice pudding with vanilla bourbon, caramel mowing with orange

Dry fruit compote with the Armagnac and its savarin
Sorbet with apple, granity with champagne

Blown frozen with sheet dananas, coconut caramelized with spices and cream

Of milk frozen, sauce with mango scented with the flower of orange tree

Choice of sorbets house

Pot of caramel custard chocolate- to the juicy grapes

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